Charges are made on a per appliance basis depending on the total number of items to be tested. We consider our prices to be fair and competitive, but are subject to the following considerations:

  • Quantity of appliances to be tested
  • On site accessibility
  • Location of premises
  • Parking

We are able to offer fixed or contract rates as preferred.
Our prices include:

  • On site quotations
  • Minor repairs - (replacement fuses and plugs, re-wire of existing plugs)
  • Appliance Labeling
  • Detailed & concise computer test result printouts
  • Display certification

Although we offer a 24hour 7 day a week service, additional costs
may be incurred for out of office hours & weekend service.

Discounts will apply for larger quantities of appliances.

We believe in a clear pricing structure so that you can accurately determine the price you will pay.

Please contact our office for a free, no obligation quote.

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